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VRAirsoft Revolution


Open your own VR AIRSOFT center

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To our family

VR AIRSOFT is a unique and innovative business model, in full swing and expansion, with all the facilities, advice, continuous support and...


With software and games
custom made, just for us


Activities and experiences with infinite possibilities


Fast return on investment

No barriers

For all types of public, without limits or barriers

Next openings

Very soon we will have new centers in our family!

They will be located at:



What makes us uinque?

Being part of the VR AIRSOFT - Virtual Revolution family means being part of the leading franchise in Spain in Virtual Reality

VRAirsoft que nos hace únicos - Software y juegos multijugador a medida, únicos y exclusivos

Consolidated brand

Franchise with the largest number of theaters open to the public on the national scene.

(5 in the Community of Madrid, 1 in the Canary Islands and 4 for the next opening).


Pioneers in offering multiplayer experiences with total freedom of movement.

No cables or backpacks!

Years of experience in the sector that guarantee us./p>

Key locations

We study with great care the location of our centers, locating them in large Shopping Centers, or in successful premises at street level.

Last generation technology

We combine the best technological equipment, with our software and the most accurate tracking system, to offer the best experiences on the market.

Real game space

REAL game space of 150m2 - 15x10m.

With the possibility of adapting it according to the needs of each location.

Years of experience in the sector that guarantee us.

Professional developers team

Thanks to our partnership with the development studio Inusual Interactive, we have bespoke AAA video games and management software that are unique and exclusive in the industry.

We release updates regularly and 2 new games a year.

Exclusive user area

We offer the user a complete experience from start to finish.

Having access to a personal area, where you can view your scores, manage your reservations, access exclusive promotions, join tournaments...

Always by your side

We accompany you at all times

VRAirsoft icono franquiciados
  • Start up

    Viability plan; help in the search and negotiation of the conditions of the premises; bank financing agreements and suppliers; manual of adaptation, customization and distribution of spaces.

  • Training and advice

    Initial and continuous training, access to the Know-How of the franchise and to all the management and organization manuals; 360º comprehensive service, advice and constant support, continuous support to manage your center successfully.

  • Marketing and communication

    Image and corporate website, individualized marketing plan, positioning, recruitment and loyalty campaigns, appearance in the media, personalized material design...

  • Management tools

    Proprietary software for comprehensive control of the center and business management; In addition to an exclusive reservation management and control system for the departures of each center.

  • Technology and services

    Continuous research in R&D to have the most cutting-edge technology on the market; regular updating and expansion of the constant game catalogue; 24/7 technical service at your disposal.

Our team

The most valuable asset of VR Airsoft - Virtual Revolution will always be its people, the true protagonists of our development.

Our central team, the perfect mix of experience, knowledge and commitment. A team with great dynamism and passion for their work, possessing proven experience and extraordinarily prepared.



CEO and Co-Founder VR AIRSOFT






Head Control Department

Alba del


Head of Marketing Department



Developer Company

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